The Path Veterinary Care

2228 Patterson Rd #218
Riverbank, CA 95367


About The Path Veterinary Care


Welcome to The Path Veterinary Care.  Providing mobile senior and alternative care as well as quality of life assessments to many areas of the Central Valley.

We feel that there are many roads that we and our pets can follow through life.   We want to help you navigate the various options that you have, with the understanding that no two families will follow the same path.  Hence the name of our practice.  We look at not only traditional or alternative options but strive to integrate the two to practice integrative medicine, serving the whole animal. 

We realize that as our pets get older they have a new and special set of needs.  Let us help you identify the most important needs of your pet.  Dr. Croom has been certified in Veterinary Acupuncture since 2002 and Veterinary Chiropractic since 2006.  She integrates both traditional medicine with alternative medicine.  This allows her to use a wider variety of modalities to help your pet.

We also provide quality of life assessments.  We strongly believe that providing supportive care at the end of life is very important.  Whether you are leaning towards euthanasia or natural death.  We can help you make your pet as comfortable as possible.  We want to work with your regular veterinarian to create a care plan that is best for you and your pet.

We also provide in-home euthanasia.  We think that for many pets, and pet owners, having to make that trip to the veterinarians office is very stressful.  We can come to your home to make your last moments special.