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Quality of Life Assessments


Loving pet owners want to be proactive in the care of their companions but need help in assessing their pets current quality of life. What is suffering and how do we assess it? We give people tools that can help pet parents decide the level of pain and suffering their pet may be experiencing and if it is time to end their journey along the current path. If not, we empower people to be active in the care of their pet family members by teaching them how to evaluate their pet's pain levels and quality of life scores as the journey continues.  Pets have improved lives when they can stay in the comfort of their homes receiving care from the people they love and trust.

This is a difficult time for you and your pet, not only physically but emotionally too.  We understand that and want to provide support for both of you.


Quality of Life Assessment:

Tele-Advice 30 minute Face Time $90

In Home Visit 1 hour appointment $220