The Path Veterinary Care

2228 Patterson Rd #218
Riverbank, CA 95367


Pricing Guide


Senior Mobile Care:

In Home Visit 1-1/2 hour appointment $320  (includes treatment - chiro/laser/acupuncture)

Mobile Nail Trims, Sani-Shaves, Ear Cleanings and more. Contact:  Allison Milgrom 209-485-5821 starting at $25


Quality of Life Assessment:

Tele-Advice 30 minute Face Time $90

In Home Visit 1 hour appointment $220


Home Euthanasia Visit:

Includes phone consult, mobile fee, sedation, gentle euthanasia, fur clipping if desired and grief support material - $375

Additional fees may apply for animals greater than 99lbs, extended travel and aggressive pets. 


Communal Cremation:

For families that do not wish to have their pet’s ashes returned or to bury their pets.

Your pet will be respectfully cremated with other pets and their ashes scattered privately by the crematory.

Pets less than 30lbs  $ 125

31-60lbs - $150    

61-90lbs - $175

91-120lbs - $250

120+lbs - $300 and up


Private Cremation:

For families that wish their pets cremated individually and ashes returned in an urn, scatter tube, biodegradable urn or silk bag.

Remains will be delivered if possible or can be picked up at Ripon Veterinary Hospital 134 W Main St, Ripon, CA  599-6153

Pets less than 30lbs  $265

31-60lbs - $285                     

61-90lbs - $325                     

91-120lbs - $355

121-150lbs - $385

150+lbs - $465 and up


Name/Date etching on wood urns - $45

Paw Prints - $50