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The Euthanasia Process


The process is not complicated but it is difficult.  Our pets wish to be in a safe, familiar place surrounded by their loved ones when they pass.  You may choose to have your pet inside on their favorite bed or outside under their favorite tree.  Sometimes we meet at the park where they loved to run or at the training field where they practiced agility.  Yummy treats and favorite foods are welcome. Children, neighbors, friends, family, babysitters, dog walkers, groomers etc. are all welcome as well.  Other pets are also welcome during the visit or at least after they should be allowed in to say goodbye and know why their companion is not around any more.  Leave collars on as some animals stress when the collars are removed.  It can be taken off after. 

First there is a meet and greet so the pet knows who has arrived and they often know why.  All questions are answered especially for any children that are present and paper work is signed.  A sedative is given under the skin just like a vaccine.  This is where yummy treats come in handy.  The sedative takes 10-15 minutes to take affect.  A potty pad will be place under your pet to absorb any leaking as the body relaxes.  When the pet is very sleepy and everyone feels like they have had a chance to say goodbye, the second injection is given.  The second injection is the euthanasia medicine and will go into the vein.  The pet is anesthetized at this point and not feeling any pain.  The breathing often quickens then slows and stops and after a few more moments the heart will stop as well.  They have passed at this point and you will be left alone for a short time to grieve your pets passing. 

Prior, you will have decided whether you will bury or cremate your pet.  If you are having your pet cremated, then when you are ready the pet will be taken in a blanket on a stretcher or in a small pet bed.  This is also a very difficult time watching your pet leave for the final time.  Please plan on having support of friends and family for after this visit.  And always let us or someone know if you are having more difficulty with loosing your pet than you can bare by yourself.  There are always others who understand and can help you through the grief.  Arrangements will be made to have their ashes/paw prints returned to you if you have elected those options.  Please call me 209-541-7884 with any other questions I have not answered here.