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What is Hospice?

Hospice for pets is more of a mindset than a set of guidelines or practices.  Loving pet owners want to be proactive in the care of their companions. The Path veterinarians give people those tools to really "do something" that can help pet patients toward the end of their journeys.  We empower people to be active in the care of their pet family members by teaching them how to evaluate their pet's pain levels and quality of life scores on an ongoing basis.  We also train families on home care techinques that you can administer yourself.  Pets have improved lives when they can stay in the comfort of their homes receiving care from the people they love and trust.

Hospice care includes controlling not only pain but also other symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, incontinence or anxiety. We may need to create specific spots in your home for your pets or add supportive floor mats to slippery areas.  We can help you with ideas on maneuvering large pets.  It may involve using treatments such as acupuncture or laser to control inflammation or herbs to help with appetite and fluids to help with dehydration. 

This is a difficult time for you and your pet, not only physically but emotionally too.  We understand that and want to provide support for both of you.

Pricing starts at $350

Senior and Alternative Care

Hospice Care

In Home Euthanasia